Sentenai builds ground-breaking new infrastructure

We started Sentenai because working with time series data shouldn't have to be painful

Our Team

Rohit Gupta

Rohit Gupta Portrait

CEO, Co-Founder

Brendan Kohler

Brendan Kohler Portrait

CTO, Co-Founder

Jay Edwards

Jay Edwards Portrait

Director of Ops

Luke Meleney

Luke Meleney Portrait

Director of Sales

Kyle Seaman

Kyle Seaman Portrait

Director of Product

Matt Brandly

Matt Brandly Portrait

Software Engineer

Ian Jeffries

Ian Jeffries Portrait

Elm Engineer

Nicolas Lawler

Nicolas Lawler Portrait

Elm Engineer

Antonio Nikishaev

Antonio Nikishaev Portrait

Haskell Engineer

Mitchell Rosen

Mitchell Rosen Portrait

Haskell Engineer

Travis Staton

Travis Staton Portrait

Haskell Engineer

Sam Stites

Sam Stites Portrait

Machine Learning Engineer

Dixi Wu

Dixi Wu Portrait

Data Scientist