Machine Intelligence. Accelerated.

Companies are sitting on vast amounts of invaluable machine and sensor data. If understood, this data can reveal patterns and insights about operations and products and even predict future outcomes.

With the exponential increase of actionable enterprise data, companies are moving beyond the incrementalization of maintenance and operational planning. Rather than relying only on historic data analysis, enterprises are beginning to implement continuous learning, reinforced by a continuous flow of new data. This shift requires data that is available and ready to be leveraged to drive business transformation.

How much of your data is actionable? Actionable data becomes data assets, which can drive data teams forward and accelerate business growth. However, McKinsey estimates only 1% of operational data is being used in enterprises.

Sentenai streamlines the process of making data actionable, delivering value sooner and enabling higher utilization of data teams and data assets.


Manufacturing machines and tools are generating vast amounts of invaluable machine and sensor data. Understanding this data unlocks the ability to discover patterns, insights and build predictive maintenance solutions.

Sentenai's Sensor Data Cloud allows you to easily search for patterns across your facility data, including sensor readings, machine states and conditions, maintenance logs, and operational data. Sentenai enables your team to find and implement yield optimizations, efficiency gains, improve production quality, and avoid unplanned downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Effective predictive maintenance (PdM) can reduce costs, increase utilization of assets, and improve operational overhead. By leveraging the existing operational data you already have, incorporating the vast amount of data being generated by your equipment, and analyzing historical data trends, organizations can implement highly effective PdM.

Sentenai’s Sensor Data Cloud allows you to effectively leverage your equipment and operational data, enabling you to move from condition or time-based services to a predictive maintenance model.


The availability of real-time driver locations, route traffic, sensors and supply chain visibility data has created an unprecedented opportunity for enterprises to deliver products and services that previously weren't possible.

Sentenai's Sensor Data Cloud enables you to leverage the high variety of logistic data points to find patterns and gain insights to build better models and predictions.

Smart Farming

Connected machinery, drones, and climate sensors are providing an unprecedented level of visibility and understanding never before possible, whether in controlled environment growing or technology-enabled traditional agriculture.

Sentenai's Sensor Data Cloud makes it possible to find patterns and gain insights in the data that directly impacts your farms, enabling you to increase profits and achieve higher quality yields.