Realtime analytics
built for sensor data

Realtime analytics
built for
sensor data

Enable agile decision-making at scale

Quantify Risks

Uncover Anomalies

Identify Threats

Complete Visibility

Sentenai gives you access to all your data, up-to-date and when you need it, without requiring complex ETL projects run by IT.

Faster Insight

Get insight now, not tomorrow or next week. Sentenai elminates rigid analysis and reporting processing in favor of realtime feedback.


Give everyone the power to make data-driven decisions with Sentenai's self-service analytics.


Difficult to Integrate

Sensor data tends to come from many sources and systems, with variety and velocity making it hard to quickly integrate new sources and keep track of existing ones.

Challenging to Combine

Data is either spread across many silos or structured in ways that are difficult to combine without building specialized reports or using IT-driven ETL processes.

Limited Insights

BI tools have limited capabilities to recognize and identify patterns and behaviors in complex systems without the help of data science teams.


Automated Unification

Sentenai helps you bring together all your different sources and systems without worrying about Silos, warehouses or ETL processes.

Self-Service Data Fusion

Sentenai gives everyone the power to combine data from multiple sources and systems in ways that make sense, without the help of data scientists or ETL.

Powerful Analytics

Sentenai provides powerful realtime pattern recognition that is designed to uncover important insights from a sea of raw sensor data.

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