Make decisions at
the speed of data

Discover Insight

Make better decisions by using historical data to understand behavior, predict outcomes and compare scenarios.

Extract Intelligence

Distill intelligence by using expert knowledge to transform raw data into actionable information.

Streamline Access

Make up-to-date intelligence available to everyone so that anyone can leverage data to make decisions.

Better decisions start with better data.

Sentenai makes better data available to everyone on your team, so anyone can make better decisions using the right data.

Old Data. New Insight.

Leverage repositories of historical data spread across large networks of data sources to learn from past performance, recognize anomalous conditions, and predict future outcomes.

  • Learn from history

    Historical data analysis can be used to model behaviors, train deep neural networks, and build decision trees.

  • Plan for the future

    Comparative situation analysis helps identify new trends, model expectations, and track performance.

Intelligence, automated.

Combine expert knowledge with realtime data to extract timely intelligence and eliminate information overload so everyone can understand what's happening as it happens.

  • Simplified data fusion

    Use multi-source data fusion to extract intelligence from raw data and capture significant results without building computational pipelines or manual processing.

  • Behavioral pattern recognition

    Sentenai enables experts to encode knowledge as behavioral models and share it with the team using human-understandable models of behavior.

Always up-to-date.

Keep everyone in the loop with instant insight, made available to everyone through accessible interfaces designed to support decision-makers in their roles.

  • Elastic Data Engineering

    Leverage the power of elastic data engineering to deliver up-to-date intelligence to everyone who needs it without any one-way transformations that limit future data use.

  • Deploy anywhere. Use everywhere.

    From the edge to the cloud, Sentenai can collect data anywhere and process it in-place, while enabling anyone to track and trace entities across the entire network.