Collect. Combine. Create.

Event stream storage and search. Designed for data science.

Secure & Scalable Event Stream Storage

Sentenai Cloud

A fully-managed, scalable solution managed by Sentenai.

Enterprise Cloud

A fully-managed enterprise solution delivered behind your firewall.

On Premises

Custom solutions for strict data governance, air-gapped facilities and forward-deployed data collection.

Sophisticated Search for Patterns & Events

Sentenai supports sophisticated temporal querying beyond what SQL can offer, all without requiring timestep normalization or other kinds of ETL.

Our pattern search engine is designed with temporal data in mind, and our Index AI technology ensures each variable in each stream is continuously optimized to be searchable, even if the schema changes.

Designed for Open Data Science Environments


Sentenai's open source Python library provides deep integration with Pandas, Numpy and other data science toolkits and libraries.

R Studio

Sentenai's R support is actively developed and our library supports modern R Data Science workflows.


Sentenai provides a JS library for developing web-visualizations and a full REST API to build custom integrations.