Our Story

Sentenai was founded on the recognition that one of the biggest challenges around sensors is on scaling the use and storage of the data for data science and machine intelligence applications. Sentenai is dedicated to providing solutions to solve these problems. Designed for the realities of modern sensor-based applications, Sentenai's Sensor Data Cloud is built for high variety time-series data, continuously optimizing sensor data, indexing and storage by predicting each data stream schema and learning over time as more data and streams are introduced. By ensuring data scientists have continuous, real-time access to holistic data intelligence, Sentenai frees data teams from managing data infrastructure and enables organizations to gain new insights from their data that drive better business decisions.

Our Team

Matt Brandly Portrait

Matt Brandly

Software Engineer

Jay Edwards Portrait

Jay Edwards

Director of Operations

Rohit Gupta Portrait

Rohit Gupta

CEO, Co-Founder

Brendan Kohler Portrait

Brendan Kohler

CTO, Co-Founder

Nicolas Lawler Portrait

Nicolas Lawler

Elm Engineer

Luke Meleney Portrait

Luke Meleney

Director of Sales

Antonio Nikishaev Portrait

Antonio Nikishaev

Haskell Engineer

Mitchell Rosen Portrait

Mitchell Rosen

Haskell Engineer

Kyle Seaman Portrait

Kyle Seaman

Product Marketing

Travis Staton Portrait

Travis Staton

Haskell Engineer

Sam Stites Portrait

Sam Stites

Machine Learning Engineer

Dixi Wu Portrait

Dixi Wu

Data Scientist


Julia Austin

Senior Lecturer
Harvard Business School

Ellen Rubin

Co-Founder, CEO
Clearsky Data

Yoav Shapira

Engineering Manager

Richard Tibbetts

Empirical Systems

Joel Schwartz

Former SVP & GM
EMC Corp.


Founder Collective
Project 11