Using Sensor Data is Hard.
Sentenai Makes it Simple.

Sentenai automates data engineering for data science.

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Smart Storage

Sentenai uses machine learning to store your data for fast retrieval.

Sophisticated Search

Build targeted datasets based on patterns in historical data.

Streamlined Integration

Sentenai is designed to work with your existing data science tools.

The cloud database
that automates
data engineering.

Sentenai’s sensor data cloud database uses machine learning to automatically store and index data based on structure and patterns in the data.

Sentenai’s powerful query engine accelerates data science.

Sentenai makes normalization a thing of the past, enabling complex searches for patterns in sensor data.

Productivity out
of the box.

Sentenai delivers search results as training sets structured to work with machine learning toolkits and data science workflows.

Make the Most of Your Sensor Data

Sentenai is committed to helping companies realize the promise of using sensor networks to power sophisticated realtime intelligence, whether inside the smart factory, across large-scale logistics networks, or in cloud.

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