Our Commitment

Sentenai is committed to helping companies realize the promise of using sensor networks to power sophisticated realtime intelligence, whether inside the smart factory, across large-scale logistics networks, or in cloud.

No matter the application, Sentenai make using sensor data simple, by eliminating the need to create complex and difficult-to-scale cloud architectures built around making realtime data accessible.

Focus on what matters: leveraging all your sensor data and making systems smarter. We'll take care of everying in-between. Tell us about your data problems, and we'll let you know how we can help.

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The cloud, for machines

Cloud infrastructure designed from the ground up to rapidly supply data in distributed environments.

Data engineering reimagined

Structure prediction on data streams eliminates integration complexity in high-variety sensor-driven applications.

Powering realtime intelligence

Built to power real-time intelligent systems making automated decisions in challenging, real-world environments.

Painless data stream integration designed for sensors

Stream Ingestion API

Sentenai's simple stream ingestion API reduces data source integration time by removing all the up-front work. No schemas to define, no indexes to create. Just a simple REST API that understands common data formats like JSON.

Automatic Index Selection

Sentenai's powerful stream structure prediction system automatically learns the optimal index structure for any data source, regardless of its structure. ETL is obsolete.

Adapts to Changing Structure

Our stream learning system is designed to be flexible and adapt to changing structure over time. It can relearn a stream's structure whenever it changes, whether through the addition of new fields or the addition of new event types.

Realtime data delivery for intelligent systems

Data Abstraction
Search & Retrieval
Data Storage
Database Modeling
Ingestion Pipeline
Data Capture

Realtime data infrastructure is complex

From connecting gateways to the cloud, to creating new data models for every sensor you use, to optimizing open source data processing tools, it takes a lot of time and expertise (and complex infrastructure) to make sensor data available for realtime use.

Sentenai is optimized for intelligent systems

By automatically optimizing sensor data stream from ingestion to use, Sentenai helps you stay focused on the parts of your technology that matter, while providing the security of a robust, distributed solution that's been designed to handle the toughest workloads.

Data Capture

Designed for machine learning applications

More accurate anomaly detection

Sentenai helps businesses leverage historical data to make realtime anomaly detection more accurate.

Better alerting

Sentenai's understanding of multi-stream patterns helps with enriching data sources for better alerting with fewer false positives.

Predictive Maintenance

Our data network augments stream-processing systems to detect weak signals preceding critical equipment failure.