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Our Story

Ten years ago sensor data was expensive to acquire, difficult to transmit and messy to organize. So data wound up trapped in specialized historians or large oracle database servers in an on-premises server closet.

Today we are being overwhelming by the sheer variety and also volume of available sensor data as the cost to acquire data and transmit it to the cloud has gotten radically cheaper. Meanwhile, modern cloud database architectures like Hadoop, Cassandra, and Dynamo force us to make difficult tradeoffs between how we store, organize and utilize sensor data.

At Sentenai, we believe these tradeoffs are not fundamental, but an artifact of the mismatch between generalized cloud architectures and the realities of sensor data today. Sentenai is dedicated to providing a cloud database solution that automatically organizes and stores sensor data to make it highly available.

The Team

Josh Cough

Lead Software Engineer

Brendan Kohler


Rohit Gupta


Nicolas Lawler

Software Engineer

Antonio Nikishaev

Distributed Systems Engineer

Mitchell Rosen

Software Engineer

Sam Stites

Machine Learning Engineer


Julia Austin

CTO of Digital Ocean, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School

Ellen Rubin

Co-founder and CEO of ClearSky Data

Yoav Shapira

Engineer Manager at Facebook

Richard Tibbetts

CEO of Empirical Systems, Visiting Professor at MIT Probcamp


Make the Most of Your Sensor Data

Sentenai is committed to helping companies realize the promise of using sensor networks to power sophisticated realtime intelligence, whether inside the smart factory, across large-scale logistics networks, or in cloud.

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